mal-kukhar (3)

Tomato puree "Malenkii Kukhar"

Tomato puree “Malenkii Kukhar” is tomatoes ground using a special technology, sterilized and “squeezed” into a hermetic package.

The absence of moisture that evaporates during processing makes the finished product thicker than simply mashed tomatoes. At the same time, the puree is completely natural, because it does not contain preservatives, salt, water, dyes, or any other additives.

Tomato puree is an ideal solution for the quick preparation of many Ukrainian dishes, in particular, traditional borscht, where it can be used as well as tomato paste, which is already familiar to housewives. Tomato puree differs from tomato paste in density and a fresher and more natural organoleptic profile of the product, which makes the taste of dishes made on its basis brighter and more refined.

Therefore, the use of tomato puree in recipes allows you to prepare much more diverse dishes.