Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine secured the unity of the group of “Vitmark-Ukraine”

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine agreed on the transaction for the acquisition of the JV “Vitmark-Ukraine” company shares of PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery”, held in 2008.

It was the intragroup transaction does not lead to a change in control of the relationship.

Purchase of shares of PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery” provide the buyer excess of 50% of the votes in the supreme governing body of the issuer, and cemented the unity of the group of “Vitmark-Ukraine”.

Recall that the group consists of: JV “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery”, LLC “Rahnyansko-Lesovoy cannery.”

PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery” is the production base of the holding company “Vitmark-Ukraine” for the production of juice products and baby food in 1994 – the founding of the group companies.

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