Chudo-Chado™ is a leader among manufacturers of organic baby food in 2021!

Under the results of the branch independent experts and consumers, a wellknow producer of baby food ChudoChado™ is recognized the best manufacturer of organic baby food in 2021. The winners were announced on 8 December during the unique organic foresight and they were awarded with a specialproenvironmental cupmade from processed plastic.

The rating included certified organic brands making baby food. There was Vitmark company among them, a manufacturer of organic baby food line called Chudo-Chado™. The rating was prepared by BrandStory together with “Organic Ukraine’ NGO and such companies as “Organic Standard” and Organicinfo. The leaders of all categories were determined by means of voting and research.

During the first stage, consumers were offered for live-voting 20 trade marks released to the public, which have organic baby food in the range of their products and their goods are available for the general market and they carry out communication activity with consumers withing media space.

During the second stage, consumers decided on their own, which brand is the leader, choosing and voting for the favorite brand.

Awarding and announcing the organic world voting results for 2021 took place during the organic foresight on 8 December 2021, and the estimation results were officially announced one week after the event.

“Organic puree for children is an important innovation for the manufacturer as well as for the category of local baby food, – says the commercial director of Vitmark company Denys Barliaiev. – We launched the production of organic puree from ChudoChado only in summer and we are very pleased that in less than half a year this organic product from a Ukrainian manufacturer made from local organic raw products suited the taste of the most demanding audience – parents.”

As a reminder, the organic puree is produced in 90-gram handy soft pack with a screw cap. The retail price is about 27 hryvnias that is much less than the similar imported products.

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