First Ukrainian Organic Baby Puree

Vitmark-Ukraine, a well-known producer of baby food, announces excellent news – the Company launched the production of organic baby purees from Chudo-Chado in July 2021.

Two new Organic purees “Apple-Banana” and “Apples-Black Currant” are made from local Ukrainian organic apples. Production takes place at the facilities of the Odessa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC).

Since July 2021, the production of OBFC has been certified by Organic Standard LLC for compliance with the international standards which are equivalent to the Regulations of the European Union.

That means that the OBFC obtained permission to produce organic purees under the Chudo-Chado™ with the allowance to place the “ORGANIC” product status on the label with a sign in the form of a leaf of white stars (stylized as the EU flag) on a green background. The sign is located on the lower-left corner of the package. The very design of the packaging of organic purees are made in the “craft-style” – fresh juicy fruits on the grass on the background with “the eco” wood, designed to emphasize the naturalness of the product, the complete absence of pesticides, agrochemicals, and hazardous chemical compounds, the use of which is completely excluded from organically grown fruit.

“Organic puree for children is an important innovation, both for the manufacturer and for the category of local baby food, – says Denis Barlyaev, Commercial Director of Vitmark. – Earlier in Ukraine, a similar product was available exclusively from foreign manufacturers. OBFC’s specialists have not only developed recipes and launched production, but also established the processing of Ukrainian organic apples at their own facilities. Organic puree Chudo-Chado™ meets the needs of the most demanding mothers, because this is an organic product from a Ukrainian manufacturer with a balanced composition: only fruits and berries, nothing superfluous”!

The organic purees are produced in 90g pouches with a screw cap, with significantly more competitive prices than similar products imported from abroad.

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