Garnet “Our Juice”

In September of the current year on the shelves and in the range of TM “Our Juice” has a new flavor – pomegranate.

This interesting and useful taste first appears in the line of juices available segment. Pomegranate is not only a delicious fruit, but also a vitamin-mineral complex.

Everyone knows that pomegranate contains everything necessary for the proper functioning of the body. But many consume this fruit not only for useful properties, and because of its tangy sweet-sour taste.

The juice of pomegranate grains is very rich in tannins. Tone the vascular system and smoothes the skin. It also stimulates the removal of toxins and impurities, nourishes the body with essential organic acids.

Pomegranate juice helps to strengthen blood vessels, improves circulation and thins the blood, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, is useful for anemia and is a General tonic.

“Studying the situation on the market, we came to the conclusion that garnet is in the TOP 10 of the taste preferences of consumers of juices, but it is currently available primarily in the premium segment, “says marketing Manager of the Odessa baby food factory Oleg Vinnik – the output of our new model will allow consumers to purchase your favorite flavor at an affordable price”.

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