Jaffa is launching a new series of nectars for kids

Jaffa is launching a new series of nectars for children with characters from popular cartoons “Cars” and “Fairies” from the Jaffa brand and the legendary Walt Disney Studios. A series of “Cars” is focused on boys, and a series of “Fairy” – girls. New product from Jaffa came in a unique new format Tetra Wedge – 125 ml, which is designed for oneportion. In addition, it attracts young audience with its unusual shape.

Cartoon characters on the packaging of juice are designed to attract the attention of children aged 3 to 12 years to the useful and natural products. After all, benefits of fruits and vitamins – gives strength and energy to youngsters!

“Cooperation with the world-famous Disney Company – the legal owner of brands “Cars”, “Fairies”and many other legendary animated stories, made possible by the high reputation of our company, consumer confidence in the products Jaffa. Before you start cooperation representatives Disney thoroughly inspected the work of the manufacturer of Jaffa products – the company Vitmark-Ukraine. Our cooperation with the studio Disney is that we meet the highest international standards that apply this studio partners worldwide. We are confident that our new range of nectars will love not only children but also their parents caring “- emphasizes the marketing manager of Jaffa brand – Roman Lisnyak.

The results of the research made shows that licensed brands “Fairies” and “Cars” and packing Tetra Wedge are the most attractive for a children’s audience.

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