Jaffa: Not from Concentrate Juices are the Most Useful

Jaffa brand has started sales of a prime line of 100% Pressed Not from Concentrate Juices (NFC). The product is produced by fruit juice extraction, pasteurization and filling that guarantees naturality and benefit of juice. The new product does not contain water, added sugar and any other artificial or natural additives. The product will appear on the shelves of retail chains of Ukraine at the beginning of February.


In the variety of juices, NFC juice is a perfect solution for the consumers who prefer natural and healthy products. NFC juice preserves more nutrition and flavors than traditional drinks.

They don’t contain water, added sugar, coloring agents or any other additives, both artificial and natural. It is produced by fruit juice extraction, sterilization, and filling into a dehumidified package. This is a product that preserves all advantages and use of fruits it is made from to maximum.


Launching NFC juices will supplement a wide line of Jaffa brand that has been in the Ukrainian market for 27 years and that is represented by 100% juices, smoothies, fruit nectars with additional use and juice products for children. Many of these products are innovative and it was Jaffa brand that represented them in the Ukrainian market for the first time, simply having created previously unknown product categories from scratch. Today the main task of the brand is to offer to consumers healthy and useful products that will meet high demands on quality and contents.


100% NFC Jaffa juice is a tasty and useful line of products from a well-known Ukrainian brand. So far, a consumer can enjoy energy of three tastes of natural juices: apple, apple combined with juicy pear, apple and banana. The advantage of 100% NFC Jaffa juices is significant difference in taste, since only sweet apples are used for the direct squeeze. Juices will be sold in a carton package 0.95 l each. The company plans to enlarge the line and sales territory.


«When developing all our products, we support the idea of healthy diet, take into account current taste preferences of consumers and world food market tendencies, – says Maksim Protopopov, Jaffa brand manager. – The production process of 100% NFC Jaffa juices is arranged in such a way that it provides those who love tasty and healthy drinks only with the best fruits can give. That’s why I am sure that directly squeezed juices will become a super popular product especially for those who take care of their health and health of their close ones».


It became even easier to get a charge of energy and enlarge vitamins balance with the help of Jaffa!


Jaffa – fruit that recharge!


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Vitmark Сompany was founded in 1994 at the premises of the Odesa Baby Food Cannery. The company is a leader in the Ukrainian market in terms of sales volume in the category of fruit and vegetable juices and baby food puree and one of the leaders in the category of juices and nectars. Vitmark’s product portfolio is focused on modern healthy nutrition and includes the popular brands Jaffa, Nash Sok OKZDP, Chudo-Chado, Aquarte, Nestea, and Vega Milk.

The company exports its products to more than 35 countries around the world. Quality and safety are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards.


The Jaffa brand is Vitmark’s flagship brand. The first batch of Jaffa juice was bottled 27 years ago, in 1994. Today the brand is one of the leaders in the category of juices and nectars on the Ukrainian market. Products under the TM Jaffa are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.

Jaffa products are designed for active people who lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of their diet and health. The product portfolio of the Jaffa brand includes: juices, nectars, fruit and berry smoothies for children and adults, as well as drinks fortified with vitamins.

In 2021, TM expanded its range of healthy snacks by introducing Jaffa Protein Boost smoothie and Jaffa Super Food smoothie to the market.

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