Meet Nash Sik from Ukrainian Fruits and Vegetables Harvested in 2023

With the end of the new harvest in 2023, Nash Sik (Our Juice) TM presents juices made from the freshest Ukrainian fruits and vegetables. Autumn is rich in offerings, so these products are already available on store shelves.

To ensure the production of high-quality juice products from the Odesa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC), the company has been gathering and processing fruits and vegetables for many years on its own production facilities, including for the brand of the famous Nash Sik trademark.

Since the beginning of active hostilities, the OBFC did not stop for a moment and continued to work, providing adults and children with tasty and healthy products, as well as actively helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and charitable foundations. Moreover, in 2023, the company
implemented a complex project—the cultivation, gathering, and processing of tomatoes in Odesa Region. The company plans to avail of it to provide high-quality raw materials for its own needs of production, in particular, the popular Nash Sik 100% tomato juice.

It has been harvesting tomatoes on its own farms and processing them from the end of August to the beginning of October 2023. Since October, consumers can appreciate the efforts of the company’s specialists and the high quality and taste of products made from the fresh harvest of
Odesa tomatoes. Consumers can taste the traditional quality of OBFC juice, in addition to tomato juice, in other juices made from freshly processed seasonal fruits: apple, apple-peach, and apple-pear juices.

‘Nash Sik has always been distinguished by naturality and excellent taste. These characteristics have made it a favourite juice of millions of young and adult Ukrainians’, Maksym Protopopov, Brand Manager, says. ‘This season, Nash Sik offers consumers products made from fresh fruits and vegetables of new harvest 2023, which we carefully grew on the fertile fields of Odesa Region and processed, preserving their natural benefits and taste as much as possible. We are proud of the quality of our juices and are sure that Ukrainian families will like them’.

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