New category on the baby-food market from Chudo-ChadoTM

Vitmark, a well-known producer of baby food, announces the release of a unique product – ready-to-eat cereals with fruit puree. Also, the company presented new items in the category of fruit and dairy desserts, combining natural fruits and berries with cottage cheese and cream.

 Since May of this year, parents who care about the healthy and proper nutrition of their children will be able to find new tasty and healthy products under the Chudo-Chado brand on the shelves of Ukrainian stores in order to diversify the nutrition of a baby from 6 months.

The first fruit and cereal purees are presented in two flavors: “Muesli with oatmeal, apples, and berries” and “Oatmeal porridge with apple and peach”. The novelties are unique in that the brand’s experts have combined fruit puree and cereal porridge in one product. Now moms can feed their baby a nutritious meal with a fruit and cereal snack.

New items in the category of fruit and dairy desserts are “Dessert apple-banana-cottage cheese” and “Dessert apple-plum-cream”. The traditional recipe based on natural fruit and berry puree was supplemented with cottage cheese or cream.

Fruit & dairy desserts and fruit & cereal purees of Chudo-ChadoTM are produced in pouches with a screw cap with a volume of 90g. Sales started at the peak of spring walks with and without strollers, so that the mother wouldn’t have to make a choice: stay in the fresh air a little longer or return home and feed the baby.

“Every mom knows about the benefits of puree made from natural fruits, the need for cereals in a child’s diet, and the benefits of fermented milk products for them,” says Yulia Kutsos, manager of the Chudo-Chado brand. – That is why we chose such a healthy and, most importantly, delicious combination in various variations. I will also make an addition that the company is already planning to expand its range by adding a few more tastes of puree and desserts.”

As a reminder, at the end of last year, the Vitmark company released a premium line of natural mono-purees in packages that imitate the shape of real fruits: apple, pear, and peach fruit packages under the Chudo-ChadoTM. In 2021, the producers of Chudo-ChadoTM puree are actively working on changes in the current range. Also, the recipe for loved purees is being improved, and more products, both in a doy-pack and in a glass jar, no longer contain added sugar.


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