New “Chudo-Chado” – fruit puree with cottage cheese

The assortment of the brand “Chudo-Chado”, produced by Odessa baby food factory has added a new products – fruit puree with cottage cheese in glass jars of 170 gr. With the launch of these tastes Odessa canning baby food plant resumes production of the products in their original formulations baby purees with dairy ingredients, which was produced for several generations of kids.

The novelty is presented in two flavors: Apple and Apple-peach puree with curd. Based on these products – puree of processing effected by the company at its processing facilities in the Odessa and Vinnytsia region, from the Ukrainian fruit grown in the special raw material areas for production of baby food.

One of the advantages of a private company is processing fresh fruit and vegetables, for production of juices and purees for baby food, using only the choicest fruit from a special raw material zones, and high-quality Ukrainian raw materials allows to make products cheaper and more useful.

Fruit puree Chudo-Chado ” cottage cheese is not only delicious, but healthy dessert for kids. After all, cheese is one of the most dairy products that has a beneficial impact on children’s gastrointestinal tract and contains calcium a growing body needs. Employees of the quality service of the Odessa plant of baby food carefully chosen supplier of cheese to our mashed potatoes – is a leading Ukrainian company, one of the leaders in the production of dairy products managed to ensure the supply of cheese with the level of quality required for baby food.

“Several generations of mothers and babies convinced in the high quality and excellent taste of our products. We are confident that the new sauce “Miracle Child” with cottage cheese offers great taste, impeccable quality and affordable price for mom will also be highly appreciated by our customers,” says marketing Manager of the Odessa baby food factory Oleg Vinnik.

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