New! Dairy products from Odesa Baby Food Cannery

Since May 2023, the production of ultra-pasteurized milk and cream under TM Our Milk has been started at OBFC. The range of the cannery is expanding with products that the company already presents to HoReCa retail chains and establishments.

A new workshop was built, and the latest equipment was purchased for milk processing, so that raw milk can be processed, and products can be manufactured using ultra-pasteurization technology. Fresh milk of the highest quality, sourced from proven farms, is instantly treated with ultra-high temperature (UHT) to stay fresh and nutritious longer.

‘The products of OBFC are well known to consumers—Ukrainians love our products and have trusted their quality for many years. These are baby food, which several generations of babies grew up on, and our popular juices. We gained this trust by combining high quality and an affordable price. Our invariable principle of production is to manufacture for adults products that have the quality and meet high standard of products for children,’ says Andrii Zhukov, Director at Odesa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC). ‘We decided to follow this principle when making our milk and cream. These are dairy products for all ages, made according to baby food standards. We guarantee control at all stages of production and 100% natural milk from proven farms as a basis. We are very demanding, so we guarantee the impeccable quality of the final product’.


Here are some peculiarities of the OBFC approach to the production of ultra-pasteurized milk and cream:

  • Stable high quality of fresh milk supplied for processing—we cooperate with one of the best and thoroughly tested milk supplier.
  • No added ingredients, just processed fresh milk.
  • Production using the state-of-the-art equipment and careful control of raw materials and product quality according to baby food standards.

The range of new products from OBFC includes: Our Milk cow’s milk 2.5% fat, Our Milk cow’s milk 3.2% fat, Cream 10% fat, and Our Milk Barista, created specifically for professionals. Milk has an optimal balance of fats and proteins for the elasticity and stability of skin on milk.

Milk is presented in a TGA package with a volume of 0.95 litres; cream is available in a volume of 0.5 litres. The design of the packages refers to the traditional white package from OBFC—white packaging with the main idea of the project written on in ‘children’s’ handwriting: ‘good for kids—good for everyone’. The exception is Our Milk Barista, which has a different, ‘professional’, rather than a baby design.

Try Our Milk and feel the difference of our special approach to quality!

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