New! “Malenkii Kukhar” (Little Cook) brand tomato puree from Odesa Baby Food Cannery


Vitmark-Ukraine presents a new product—tomato puree for cooking, made from tomatoes of own processing. The product is produced at the facilities of Odesa Baby Food Cannery that offers high quality and a price acceptable to the Ukrainian buyer. Since November 2022, the product has been shipped to retail chains throughout Ukraine.

 Tomato puree is a perfect solution for quick cooking of many Ukrainian dishes, including traditional borscht, where it can act as tomato paste that housewives are used to adding. Tomato puree differs from tomato paste in its density and a fresher and natural organoleptic profile of the product, so the taste of dishes made on its basis is more bright and delicate. Therefore, using tomato puree in recipes, you can cook much more diverse dishes.

 “Malenkii Kukhar” tomato puree is specially grated tomatoes, sterilized and squeezed into an airtight package. The lack of moisture that evaporates during processing makes the finished product thicker than just grated tomatoes. At the same time, the puree is 100% natural, because it does not contain any preservatives, salt, water, dyes, or any other additives.

“Malenkii Kukhar” tomato puree will be presented in two formats: tetra wedge 130 g for one-time use and a doy-pack 200 g, which can be used several times, because the pouch has a cap. So housewives will be able to experiment with new dishes, sauces, and fries, or prepare them in different portions.

‘Products under the “Malenkii Kukhar” trademark are manufactured on the basis of Odesa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC), its juice products Our Juice and baby food Chudo-Chado are widely known and popular in Ukraine and abroad’, says Roman Lisniak, Marketing Director at Vitmark-Ukraine. ‘Our “Malenkii Kukhar” new product meets international quality standards, and most importantly, the puree is made by specialists from Ukrainian tomatoes on the basis of our own production facilities. We have improved processing domestic vegetables and, thanks to modern technologies, have been able to present to the market a high-quality product that will meet the needs of the most demanding housewives’.

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