New movie “The best not only for children” from the brand “Our Juice”

In May 2016 “Vitmark-Ukraine” has introduced a new video “The best not only for children” from the brand “Our Juice”.

video concept lies in the transfer of emotions care. This development is a communication platform “Good for kids – good for all” Odessa baby food plant and its flagship brand “Our Juice”.
Our juice is made on the baby food plant, with a special quality for children. To show maximum care to the parents, the children in the video are divided into the most expensive and delicious – Our Juice.
Key success factors juices Odessa baby food plant is very simple and understandable to consumers. It is in the first place – impeccable quality baby food plant. Everything we do for children and adults, we make a special care about the safety and benefits. Secondly, juices and nectars Odessa baby food plant produced more than 50 years, while maintaining the tradition of taste and quality. The third factor – “Our Juice” is made of high-quality fruits, most of which we process ourselves. And, of course, an important element is pervasive availability for millions of consumers, “Our juice”. A truly delicious juice should look beautiful. And we probably managed to find the perfect shape for the entire line.
The new, stylish and original packaging of the brand “Our Juice” is shown in the video and allow the right to know the drink on the shelf.
Selection and approval of the script for us to have been an important step in the production of this video clip.We worked a lot of options for scenic places and circumstances in which it was possible to bring the subject of care in the home. The closest and interesting consumer is always the theme of family values. We managed to make the movie the most expressive.
It decided on the concept of “best not only for children” – the boy with the girl enjoying a delicious juice recall the parents. The girl carefully decorates his sleeping father’s crown. Together with his brother, prepare refreshments for parents, offering a full glass of juice. Care is always returned. “Our Juice” – the juice for the whole family.

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