New product in the category of baby food—Mama KnowsTM puree

Since April 2023, Mama Knows premium-quality purees from Odesa Baby Food Cannery have appeared on store shelves. The product is represented by ‘traditional’ and organic purees for baby food and is already sold in online stores and retail chains of supermarkets in Ukraine.

Mama Knows baby purees were developed primarily to export and expand the capabilities of Odesa Baby Food Cannery to meet the growing needs of foreign markets for quality Ukrainian products.

Mama Knows products meet European baby food quality standards. Also, having organic certification of production that meets the EU Organic standard, Odesa Baby Food Cannery is the first in Ukraine to produce and export organic baby purees.

The Mama Knows range includes fruit purees and organic fruit purees. Both puree of own processing (pear, peach) and specially selected fruits from the best raw material areas of the world are used for production, for example, mango puree from India, banana puree from Guatemala. For the Organic series, Ukrainian organic apples, organic bananas from Costa Rica, and organic currants from the Netherlands are used.

The puree is packaged in a convenient doy-pack of 90 grams and is represented by the following flavours: ‘Apple’, ‘Peach and Apple’, ‘Pear and Apple’, and ‘Mango, Apple, and Banana’, ‘Organic Apple and Blackcurrant’, ‘Organic Apple and Banana’.

The design presents scenes from the life of a ‘fruit mother’ and her ‘fruit kids’. Every mother recognizes herself in them—the moments that are remembered forever, the moments of creating an important connection between mother and child.

‘We believe that every mother knows like no one else how to take care of her baby and what is the best for feeding him/her. The idea of Mama Knows is very simple—these are products of impeccable quality that will satisfy mum experts’, says Yuliia Kutsos, Brand Manager. ‘So, we created a delicious and healthy baby food without sugar and other additives. We are sure that mothers will appreciate and babies will love our puree’.

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