New! Vega Milk plant-based milk in a new format

In September 2023, sales of Vega Milk plant-based milk started in a new format for the category—a 500 ml package. This is a new offer on the market of plant-based milk, which is becoming increasingly popular and demonstrates the growth of consumption in Ukraine even during the war.

The new format will be convenient for home consumption, especially for singles or small families who choose plant-based milk as an alternative to cow’s milk.

The new Vega Milk format is perfect for coffee and coffee drinks or for those who prepare healthy breakfasts. The manufacturer now offers three most popular flavours in a new volume: Almond Rice, Coconut Rice, and Oatmeal Chocolate.

‘Vega Milk was one of the first to develop the category of plant-based milk in Ukraine. We also believe in its potential today’, Yuliia Kutsos, Brand Manager, says. ‘We hope that the new format will please those who want to have always fresh plant-based milk in their refrigerator. Because of its convenience, the format will attract even more supporters of plant-based milk with a clean composition from the Ukrainian producer’.

Let us remind you that there is also a format for portion consumption on the go (a healthy snack or a drink for pleasure) in the TM Vega Milk line. The straw package has cocktail flavours: Oatmeal Banana, Oatmeal Chocolate, and Coconut Rice, the most popular flavour of the plant category.

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