Odessa baby food cannery launches baby food puree “Chudo Chado” in a brand new packing

For the first time in Ukraine PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery” launches baby food puree in a convenient doypack packing.

A vacuum packaging doypack became popular in European countries due to its convenience and safety of product storage.

Up to the present in Ukraine baby food purees in doypack were presented by foreign manufacturers only. Odessa baby food cannery become the first-ever producer in Ukraine, which invested in the Gualapack line installation. Allocation of doypack production in Ukraine along with own processing of fruits and vegetables for baby food has furthered the brand “Chudo Chado” to offer a high-quality alternative to imported products at a reasonable rate.

The doypack or “pouch” format is a soft multilayered package that offers parents the convenience and time savings. Now, you do not need to take extra dishes in order to have a snack during a walk; your baby can eat directly from the package. Moreover, a mother can be relaxed about her baby gets dirty. In addition, soft packaging is lighter than glass containers, which makes doypack a universal solution during short and long trips with the baby. The kids may also value the ability to learn how to eat all by themselves. A wide cap which cannot be eaten provides additional safety for the babies.

Water proof packaging material protects the product against bacteria and air. New packing is highly durable, elastic and shock resistant.

The range of baby food purees “Chudo Chado” in a doypack (90 grams) includes 5 the most popular tastes in the Ukrainian market: apple-pear, apple-peach, apple-carrot-quince, apple-banana and fruit salad with cereals and cookie taste. Puree is made exclusively from natural ingredients based on own processing of fruits from special raw materials base for baby food.

“We thought a lot on how to simplify the life of a modern mother and give her more free time. And the doypack for baby food puree provides the decision it in the best way. In addition, we are able to offer the product at least 50% cheaper than imported analogues. I think our consumers will appreciate all the advantages of baby puree in a brand new packing”, Vitaly Vinitsky, the President of JV “Vitmark-Ukraine” LLC informed.

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