Company Policy

Vitmark-Ukraine Company adheres in its activities to the principles of legality, transparency, and integrity, not allowing any illegal actions or unlawful acts, or violations of the rules and regulations established by the current international and national legislation.

We demand from our employees and our partners a responsible attitude to the performance of their duties, job performance, as well as the observance of the principles of justice and virtue, and high ethical standards in their professional activities and in relations with each other.

According to the Anti-Corruption Policy of the Company, we do not allow any manifestations of corruption, bribery, and fraud within the Company and in relationships with our partners; we do not tolerate accepting gifts and do not participate in illegal activities that may affect business decisions; we counteract conflicts of interest that can lead to negative consequences for the reputation and financial condition of the Company. Anyone involved in receiving, providing, mediating in receiving or providing any bribes or benefits shall be considered by us equally guilty.

In order to support the above principles, the Company has approved the Compliance Code, Anti-Corruption Program, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and introduced a system of sanctions for manifestations of corruption both on the part of employees and on the part of our partners.

In this regard, we suggest consolidating bilateral representations and warranties of joint counteraction to fraud, bribery, and corruption, legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, compliance with the international sanctions regime in the process of our cooperation by introducing an Anti-Corruption Clause into the agreements, and consolidating mutual obligations assumed in this regard.

If you become aware of a conflict of interest, employee coercion, violation of internal policies and procedures, fraud, corruption, abuse of office and trust, violation of the rights of partners in partnerships, we ask you to report them by sending an email to ACP@VITMARK.COM.

Corporate Responsibility

For Vitmark-Ukraine, corporate social responsibility is a voluntary initiative for the development and implementation of socially oriented, non-commercial events, the purpose of which is to qualitatively improve the internal and external environment of the Company.

The concept of this Policy is that business should be socially oriented in relation to its own employees, the state, society, the environment, and consumers of products. The Company believes that responsibility to consumers is an important part of a socially responsible business.

Vitmark-Ukraine carries out its activities in strict accordance with the requirements of not only Ukrainian legislation in the field of labor but also in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

The corporate social responsibility policy was developed as a tool for the implementation of the Company’s goal: to take care of an individual’s development at different stages of his/her life, starting from the very first months and to become a leader in providing the population of Ukraine with high-quality and affordable products. The Company carries out its activities based on the following provisions:

Based on this Policy, the Company chooses a community-minded position, initiates its own social projects, joins government and non-government social initiatives and, since 2007, has been maintaining its status as a member in the UN Global Compact before the global community.