“Pryamosok” has been named the best juice in Ukraine

In June 2017, at the Eighth Professional Tasting Contest of Beverage Drinks “BEST DRINK 2017”, in the “Juices” category, the line of juices TM “Pryamosok” received the highest awards.

June 9, 2017 in Kiev, officially announced the results of the prestigious Eighth professional tasting contest of drinks “BEST DRINK 2017”. The best in Ukraine alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks, water, juices are determined.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” confirmed the high quality of its products, having received the highest awards for the excellent juices of one of its line of TM “Pryamosok”.

The prestigious composition of the expert commission of the Eighth professional tasting competition for drinks “BEST DRINK 2017” awarded “Vitmark-Ukraine” Grand Prix and the first two places in the “Juices” nomination.

Commission of industry experts, through a closed tasting on organoleptic indicators, recognized that apple juice TM “Pryamosok” worthy of the highest award “Grand Prix” in the juice category.

The 1st place for high quality in “Juices” category as well as excellent reviews received apple-carrot juice and apple-pear juice “Pryamosok” . These awards confirm the high status of products of the Odessa baby food factory, represented by Vitmark-Ukraine.

The name “Pryamosok” speaks for itself  as a juice made  directly from crashed fruits. The difference between “Pryamosok” and other juices presented in the domestic market is that the product is produced exclusively using the technology of direct pressing – i.e. directly from the fruits, excluding the stages of concentration and subsequent recovery, which makes the taste of juice and its beneficial properties as close as possible to fresh fruits. The only ingredient of this product is the juice itself containig no additional water and sugar. And aseptic packaging allows you to maximize the taste, aroma and quality of natural juice for a long time.

The juice is squeezed out of freshly picked apples and vegetables, which are grown in garden farms in the South of Ukraine. “Pryamosok has excellent taste qualities due to the selection of sweet apple varieties, such as Golden Delishes and Renet Simirenko.

Semi-century traditions of quality of the Odessa baby food factory and the availability of capacities for own processing of Ukrainian fruits and vegetables, the volume of which is more than 50 thousand tons per year, serve as a guarantee of a consistently high level of taste characteristics.

“Awards from leading industry experts, obtained by our direct squeezed juice, are a high evaluation of our company’s half-century experience in processing fresh fruit and creating useful and tasty products of standard quality. We hope, for Ukrainian consumers demanding quality, Straight will become a favorite juice “- commented on the awarding of diplomas Vitaly Vinitsky, President of the company” Vitmark-Ukraine”.

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