The New Product from Vega Milk – Soy Plant-Based Milk

Vitmark Company released a soy alternative to milk called Vega Milk Soya. Thus, the famous Ukrainian producer for the second time in 2021 has expanded his food portfolio with one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Vega Milk Soya will delight consumers who adhere to the principles of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. The basis for the drink is soybeans – it’s a 100% plant protein, we use soy only and exclusively without GMO. The company buys beans for plant-based milk in Western Europe because it is simply impossible to find such high-quality raw materials in Ukraine. In addition, the main benefits of Vega Milk Soya: does not contain gluten, lactose, and added sugar.

Traditionally, soy is the best base for making coffee drinks. Thanks to plenty of plant protein, it’s easy to get a high and dense foam in your favorite cappuccino or latte. Apart from making coffee, product consumption situations are very diverse: soy milk produces great breakfasts (porridge, granola, omelet), traditional matters (including soups), and exotic recipes. On soy milk mix baking dough and fuel pasta. Soy milk can be found in the arsenal of cooks all over the world.

Plant-based milk Vega Milk Soya can be also drunk as an independent product.

Vega Milk Soya from December 2021 Presented in Ukrainian and already sent by the company to foreign markets. Plant-based milk is spilled in a package of 0.95 l. The packaging design is embedded in the general stylistics of the Vega Milk brand. The color that the manufacturers chose for soy is a gentle green that emphasizes the ecological and naturalness of the product.

The whole line of Vega Milk will be appealing to gourmets, vegetarians, innovators, fans of healthy lifestyle, consumers adhering to the principles of proper nutrition, or people with lactose intolerance, – says Tatyana Popova, manager of the brand Vega Milk. – Soy is a classic taste of plant-based milk, very popular in the world, and which we hope will be to the taste of the Ukrainian consumer. We are the first domestic company to offer Ukrainians soy vegetable milk, and at an affordable price. Previously, there were only foreign manufacturers of this beverage at a higher price on the Ukrainian market.”

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