Two new products from the premium brand Jaffa are already available!

In May 2021, Vitmark-Ukraine expanded its nutritious and healthy Jaffa Smoothies line by releasing Super Food and Protein Boost for the Ukrainian and Export markets.

Jaffa smoothies are popular due to the diversity of fruit and berry flavors, healthy ingredients, and handy format. Smoothies are packed in pouches of 120g with a screw cap- allowing active lifestyles to replenish quickly and easily their energy reserves, for example, during or after sports, traveling or walking.

Jaffa Super Food smoothie consists of natural fruits: banana, apple, orange, and ginger. The novelty contains chia seeds, which in their nature, are a source of calcium, omega-3, fiber, potassium, magnesium. In combination with other components of Jaffa Super Food will help an active person stay vigorous and active during the day, satisfy hunger quickly and for a long time, not only to look but also to feel good.

Jaffa Protein Boost smoothie is a banana-apple-pineapple mix made from natural fruits with the addition of coconut cream. The highlight of this new product is whey protein isolate, which is valued in the modern world of fitness and bodybuilding for its beneficial qualities. This ingredient is capable of being absorbed very quickly by the body, thereby helping to quickly regenerate muscles after training. Each Jaffa Protein Boost pouch contains 5g of protein!

Like the entire line of Jaffa fruit and berry desserts, the new smoothies are created from 100% natural ingredients, without added sugar, preservatives, and gluten.

“Vitmark follows with special attention the trends and the taste preferences of people who need a quick renewal of strength and a charge of energy, – says Denis Barlyaev, Commercial Director of Vitmark. – The search for fresh non-standard solutions leads to the release of new fruit and berry flavors with interesting additives. For example, with healthy protein, which is necessary for fitness, or chia seeds, which are a source of calcium and other beneficial micronutrients and are very popular in Europe and the United States. Advanced consumers are looking for such products themselves. Multifunctionality and different consumption situations make our offer unique on the Ukrainian market. We hope that it will be a super popular product for those, who lead an active lifestyle and care about their health”.

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