Vitmark-Ukraine launches production of plant-based milk — Vega Mill

Vitmark-Ukraine company has started the production and distribution of plant-based milk under the brand name —Vega Mill. The production plant, located in the Odessa region, is fitted with advanced equipment from Sweden and is designed to meet the increasing demand for the new product in Ukraine and abroad.

A global breakthrough in the food industry — this is how you can describe the emergence of alternative milk from plant ingredients on the world market. The new category has seen rapid growth in recent years, especially in North America and Europe. 40 billion US dollars — this is the approximate valuation, estimated by the experts, of the world market for plant-based milk by 2024.

The reason for such success is in lifestyle change. The new generation is increasingly demanding towards food products and production technologies, as well as striving to minimize environmental damage. The growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle and the desire to diversify daily diet – increase the interest in the right nutrition.

Within a few weeks, the shelves of the stores across the country will be replenished with 11 varieties of Vega Mill plant-based milk: based on cereals, nuts and with fruit additions. Now it will become easier to follow a healthy diet. Useful cellulose, dietary fiber of cereals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids — all the most valuable things that nature has given to plant components are completely preserved in the composition of Vega Mill. Vega Mill has already been highly rated by professional baristas as a great coffee supplement.

Vitaliy Vinitsky, President of Vitmark-Ukraine:

«Our business specializes in juices, beverages, and baby food. Having discovered the alternative milk business, we launched a highly-promising start-up — the innovative FoodTech, which combines technology and science.

Our company, in fact, has built a new plant for a full-cycle production of plant-based milk, starting with the preparation of fresh raw materials, which are Ukrainian cereals: oats, buckwheat, wheat. We have our own storage facilities, state-of-the-art processing equipment, and aseptic packaging filling lines. Across all Eastern and Central Europe, our production plant has only one analogue comparable by scale. The investment amounted to about 5 million euros.

We have created a product that meets the highest international standards: healthy, nutritious and 100% natural».

Ukrainians, unlike Europeans and Americans, do not yet know much about the benefits of plant-based milk. The emergence of brands such as Vega Mill is intended to correct this perception. The long list of undoubted advantages of the product includes no sugar and low-fat content, exclusively plant-based protein, a pure composition without preservatives. High-quality plant-based milk — is the perfect solution for those who have suffered from lactose intolerance, have chosen veganism or are fasting. But even if all of this is not about you, Vega Mill is still perfect for a healthy breakfast, a snack on the go, will bring newness to familiar dishes and will help you be active all day.


Vitmark-Ukraine was established in 1994 in the base of the Odessa baby food factory. The company is a leader in the Ukrainian market, by sales volume, in the category of fruit and vegetable juices and purees for baby food and is one of the leaders in the category of juices and nectars. The product portfolio of Vitmark-Ukraine is focused on modern healthy food and includes popular brands: Jaffa, Наш сок OBFC, Чудо-Чадо, Aquarte, Nestea and Vega Mill.

The company exports its products to more than 25 countries. The quality and safety of products are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards.

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