"We take care of people's health starting from the first months of life"

Vitmark-Ukraine is the industry leader in terms of the number of manufacturing innovations introduced. We are implementing state-of-the-art solutions that allow us to meet the most-demanding consumers’ requests and striving to improve the quality of life for our consumers.

Our brands are a source of inspiration, motivation, and care, while our products promote healthy eating and harmonious social development.

Our values

Natural products

We produce our juices and purees using select fruits and vegetables, most of which we process ourselves


Our expert knowledge of fruits allows us to check products at every stage of production


We are the industry leader in terms of the number of manufacturing innovations introduced

Loved by millions

Our products are made using classic recipes from the Odesa Baby Food Cannery

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important principles in Vitmark-Ukraine's operations

Company history


Founded by Greek industrialists at the end of the 19th century, the company receives the status of a cannery. Production volumes significantly increase through the cannery's modernization and the scientific research done as a result of the modernization effort.




The company receives the status of a research institute for developing baby food and begins producing food items for the space program. In addition, the company's experts invent the Bushen cap for packaging mashed potatoes and liquid products in tubes. The expanded Odesa cannery becomes the top producer of canned baby food in the food industry.


The history of Vitmark-Ukraine began with a large-scale reconstruction and modernization of the production facilities of the legendary Odesa Baby Food Plant. The plant was equipped with the latest Italian, Finnish, Swedish and German equipment.




Vitmark-Ukraine's history begins with the modernization of the company's primary production base: the Odesa Baby Food Cannery. The company installs modern equipment and launches production of Jaffa brand juices.


The company launches a new production line and a premium product in glass packaging under the Jaffa-Grand brand for the hospitality industry (HoReCa).




This year marks the launch of juice under the brand Juices of the Odesa Baby Food Cannery. The company is the first on the market to introduce affordable natural juices, which consumers call "juice in white bags".


In the fall, production of baby food in cardboard packaging begins under the Chudo-Chado brand. By the end of 2007, the company is in the top 10 of the Top 100 Most Dynamic Companies in Ukraine business rankings.




Vitmark-Ukraine releases a new product for the Ukrainian market: Aquarte enhanced water.


The company launches its first children's brand: Jusik juices.



Vitmark-Ukraine expands its product portfolio with another brand-new product: not-from-concentrate (NFC) Pryamosik juices.


The Chudo-Chado brand's product portfolio expands with NFC juices for infants and toddlers, a unique product offering without equal in the Ukrainian baby food market that has won the love of millions.



Vitmark-Ukraine introduces a series of juices for girls and boys with characters from The Walt Disney Company's world-famous animated films Cars and Tinkerbell.

The Chudo-Chado brand is released in a new format: baby food is introduced on the Ukrainian market for the first time in convenient stand-up pouches.



The company launches a new product: Jaffa fruit smoothies with grains in stand-up pouches.

Vitmark-Ukraine receives a license to produce and distribute NESTEA® iced tea in Ukraine and Moldova.



Taking into account the demand from consumers and taking care of millions of Ukrainian families, in spring 2020, Nash Juice launched the widest range of 100% juices in an affordable price category. Four flavors were introduced: apple, pear-apple, vegetable and tomato.

Vitmark-Ukraine discovers a completely new business line: producing Vega Milk, a plant-based milk alternative. To launch the new product, the company builds a new plant with a full-cycle plant-based milk-production factory. It covers everything from harvesting fresh, natural products to pouring them in aseptic packaging.




The Chudo-Chado brand's offerings expand with wonderful new items. Fruits processed in-house and the traditions of the Odesa Baby Food Cannery are now available in milk-based porridges and cocktails.

The Company expanded its nutritious and healthy Jaffa Smoothies line by releasing Super Food with chia seeds and Protein Boost, which contains 5g of protein.



Since July 2021, the Company product organic baby purees from Chudo-Chado™ Two new Organic purees “Apple-Banana” and “Apples-Black Currant” are made from local Ukrainian organic apples processed at the facilities of the Odesa Baby Food Cannery (OKZDH). The production of OBFC has been certified by Organic Standard LLC for compliance with the international standards which are equivalent to the Regulations of the European Union.

Jaffa brand has started sales of a prime line of 100% Pressed Not from Concentrate Juices (NFC). The product is produced by fruit juice extraction, pasteurization and filling, ensuring the naturalness and benefits of the juice. The new product does not contain water, added sugar and any other artificial or natural additives.




"Malenkii Kukhar" tomato puree for cooking, made from our own processed tomatoes. The product is produced on the facilities of the Odesa Baby Food Cannery from tomatoes grown in the Odesa region. We offer high quality and an acceptable price.


The Novelty: purees of premium quality Mama Knows from Odesa Baby Food Cannery. The product is represented by "traditional" and organic purees for baby nutrition.




Welcome the novelty of 2023! “Nashe Moloko” ("Our Milk") - dairy products for the whole family, produced according to child nutrition standards. 100% natural milk from verified farms is used as the foundation, and we guarantee control at all production stages.