Our production process is a combination of many years of experience and modern technologies. Our factories are equipped with modern equipment from the world’s most innovative companies allowing us to ensure quality control in our production process. 

Vitmark-Ukraine factories are located in the Odesa and Vinnytsya regions. A full production cycle operation in Stepanivka village, covering everything from receiving raw materials to processing and preparing products. Juice and puree concentrates are preserved at the Rakhnyansko-Lisovy cannery.


Juice is a product containing only fruits or vegetables. To produce it, manufacturers use one of the following methods: reconstitution from concentrate or cold pressing. Add Hot FILL

The process of reconstitution is quite complex and time-consuming. However, using low temperatures during processing helps the concentrate preserve all the vitamins and minerals contained in fresh fruits.

The production of cold-pressed juices does not involve the concentration and reconstitution stages. After processing fruits and vegetables mechanically, the juice is poured into boxes and sterilized (pasteurized).


Grain flour and nut paste are the main ingredients of dairy alternatives. It is important to carefully select raw materials and use the finest grind to ensure the drink retains essential nutritional benefits. The manufacturing process consists of several stages: flour steaming, mixture fermentation, mixture separation, and pasteurization.


Throughout the production process, we use high-quality local fruits and vegetables and ensure it complies with our quality control. Baby food production requires strict adherence to make sure the nutritional value, hygiene, and suitability for infants. We thoroughly monitor the production materials to meet our young consumers’ quality and safety criteria.


Vitmark-Ukraine holds the distinction of being the pioneering company in Ukraine to manufacture functional water infused with botanical extracts. Through its production process, this beverage becomes infused with rich bioactive substances and antioxidants, creating a truly invigorating and healthy beverage.


In the production of iced tea, Vitmark-Ukraine consciously selects tea that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By partnering with this esteemed organization, Vitmark-Ukraine actively contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the promotion of sustainable living conditions for tea producers.

At our company, we prioritize consumer well-being and continuously refresh our product portfolio. We rely on time-tested recipes to ensure that our offerings are not only delicious but also promote health and safety for individuals from the earliest stages of life. By combining taste, health, and safety, we strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with products they can trust.